Born from the founder of California Fish Grill, Urban Fish Taco is the newest creation by restaurateur Victor Topete.

With over two decades of restaurant experience, we are excited to share our globally inspired taco joint. Our fish taco grill features hand-crafted tacos & dishes with fresh seafood, delicious steak and chicken. Urban’s menu is inspired by our family recipes passed down through generations. These timeless recipes paired with our carefully selected choices of fish for tacos and other dishes is a marriage built to last. We make everything from scratch using only the best ingredients, so come enjoy some tacos with a cold beer or one of our hand-poured Margaritas.


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Urban Fish Taco was inspired by favorite recipes handed down by mom's amazing cooking. Cooking and enjoying the flavors of our mother's kitchen such as homemade salsas and beans. Our food is made daily and will excite the palate of everyone who chooses to indulge. Seafood is sourced from local suppliers using only quality seafood ingredients. We look forward to sharing the flavors of our family and hope you enjoy.